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I inherited the old self winding Omega watch when my father died.
It was given to him, by my mother, on his fiftieth birthday
On its back were the words "To dad from mom and the boys"
and the date; 2-13-53.

By the time I received it the self winding function
Supposed to be powered by a moving wrist
No longer worked and the time had to be set
Each day and the watch to be wound by hand.

I treasured this reminder of my father
And tried to have it fixed, at some expense
But, still, its self winding function never returned.
So I wore it only on special occasions as a talisman.

Now I am age 80 and have decided it is time
To wind it up and set the time each day
To let me know each days time
While my own time is passing.

The old Omega watch runs slow some days
But so do I and I must wind up and reset
Myself each morning to keep on moving
Until my mechanisms fail and time runs out.