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POEM in Covid-19 time
No Laughing Matter

Mia Culpa
On this day I did
Not cover up my cough
I let my sneeze get away

I'm finding that it's not so easy
To wear a mask while I'm eating
Or when taking breaths
If I am wheezy

I also find that it's not easy
Wearing masks while I'm imbibing
At the dentist for a cleaning
or showing you that I am smiling

But yes I hear you loud and clear
This virus is no laughing matter
Not for treatment cavalier
I know it's not, I'm no mad hatter

I'm coughing yes but I've no fever
Chest is tight but lungs are clear,
So what I've got's the common cold
Not to worry yet my dear

But you don't know that
And so you say
Cover up your coughs and sneezes
Or else, just stay the hell away

This really is no laughing matter
So let's not joke for if I do
Belly laughs will lead to coughing
Up germs I might pass on to you.